The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition is a coalition of both organizational and individual members. Interested in joining our coalition? Email: to inquire about how your organization can become one of our partners. 

Our current organization members are:


BYTE is a ‘by youth, for youth’ organization that focuses on empowering and promoting youth throughout the Yukon and Canada’s north.

Our mission is to unite youth to strengthen youth voice, take action, and bring about positive change for the wellbeing of everyone. Our facilitation team travels to communities throughout the Yukon, Northern BC and NWT to deliver innovative and relevant programming to youth. We also host events and workshops in Whitehorse that foster creativity, culture, and sport. Everything we do is about helping youth to develop confidence, skills, openness, and a sense of belonging.


The Canadian Federation of Students is Canada’s largest student organisation, uniting more that one-half million students in all ten provinces

Formed in 1981, the Canadian Federation of Students provides students with an effective and united student voice. Since tuition fees, financial aid programs, and funding levels are all set directly or indirectly by both levels of government it is vital that students collectively organize at the provincial and national levels to ensure that students’ rights and concerns are fully represented.

By working together, the Federation hopes to achieve our ultimate goal - a system of post-secondary education that is accessible to all, which is of high quality, which is nationally planned, which recognises the legitimacy of student representation, and the validity of student rights, and whose role in society is clearly recognised and appreciated.


The Canadian Labour Congress is the largest democratic and popular organization in Canada with over 3.2 million members.  The Canadian Labour Congress brings together Canada’s national and international unions, the provincial and territorial federations of labour and 110 district labour councils.  Young workers’ issues are at the forefront of the daily work at the Canadian Labour Congress thanks to the activities of the National Young Workers Representative, the Vice-President representing Young Workers on Canadian Council, and the Young Workers Advisory Committee representing affiliated unions.


Check Your Head (CYH) is a youth-driven not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia that educates and activates young people on various social issues. Founded in 1999, we encourage young people to understand and take action for social, economic and environmental justice. We provide education, resources, training and support for youth to live as engaged, independent and active citizens within our local and global communities. Our main activities include workshops, facilitation and leadership training, supporting youth-led social and environmental justice actions, and engaging youth volunteers.


Founded in 1985, the Council of Canadian’s is a public interest organization with members and chapters across the country. The Council campaigns for water, trade and climate justice, public health care and other issues of social and economic concern to Canadians.

We develop creative campaigns to put some of the country’s most important issues into the spotlight. We organize speaking tours, demonstrations, conferences and days of action. We also produce research reports, create popular materials, and work with individuals, organizations and communities across the country and around the world. We do all of this to help build a more socially just Canada and to ensure that governments know the kind of Canada we want.


Polaris is designed to enable citizen or peoples’ movements to re-skill and re-tool themselves for the struggle to bring about democratic social change in an age of corporate-driven globalization. Essentially, the Institute works with various social movements and community-based groups to develop methods, strategies and tactics for effectively challenging public policy making on vital economic, environmental and social justice issues with a particular focus on unmasking the corporate power that lies behind governments today. In so doing, the Institute acts a catalytic agent in bringing together constituency-based groups impacted by key policy struggles [e.g. labor unions, eco-justice groups, farmers’ movements, public interest groups, faith-based organizations, Indigenous peoples, youth groups and community organizations] with a view to increasing their capacities to organize their own strategic campaigns on issues of vital concern to their members and allies. This catalytic role usually entails developing working alliances between campaign activists, policy advocates, and community organizers. In carrying out this mission, Polaris works not only on selected campaign priorities in Canada, but also internationally with social movements and allied groups in the global south and north.


TakingITGlobal is a not-for-profit organization led by youth and empowered by technology. TakingITGlobal inspires, informs and involves young people around the world to become actively engaged and connected in shaping a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a growing worldwide presence, the organization’s flagship program is, one of the world’s leading networks of young people learning about, engaging with, and working towards tackling global challenges.


Unifor is one of Canada’s largest unions with more than 305,000 members, working in every major sector of the Canadian economy. Unifor brings a modern approach to unionism: adopting new tools, involving and engaging our members, and always looking for new ways to develop the role and approach of our union to meet the demands of the 21st century. Young Unifor members (35 years of age and younger) play an active role in building our union, through local union and regional committees, as well as a pan-Canadian Young Workers Network. Unifor, and its young members, are committed to building a healthy, vibrant and sustainable economy.


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