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Protect The Planet & Our Climate

Linking moral judgement with climate change

Climate change is not simply a scientific issue. It is a moral issue that requires a moral response. As of today, world leaders have been unable to agree on what the most appropriate moral response to climate change is. And some leaders, like those in power in Canada, have disregarded morals all together. There is…
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Unravelling Landscapes – Climate Chaos in 2015

Growing up, I was a child of many worlds. I tiptoed over the hot sand on the beaches of Karachi. Pakistan, until waves of cool water washed over my feet. I boarded ferries on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, mystified every time by the ability of a thin channel of water to divide a city over…
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Just Transitions, False Solutions, and Bullshit Detectors

The Climate Justice movement is calling for tremendous change between now and 2050 – a 35-year window of opportunity to decarbonize our economies. We understand both the gravity and enormity of the transition for which we advocate. This transition will work to fundamentally change many of the social and economic systems that we belong to,…
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It is time for Canada to commit to climate leadership

I care about the safety and well being of my family, my friends and my community. I want to live on a planet that is healthy, strong and economically and environmentally resilient. We know that our future is being threatened by the climate crisis. So when I hear that new fossil fuel infrastructure is still…
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In Search of Fairness, In Search of Climate Justice

Growing up as the eldest daughter of three in an immigrant South Asian family, fairness was not always easy to come by. “Christa, you have to be a good example for your brothers, you can’t go out gallivanting with your friends!”, “Christa, you have to keep your grades up, where is the remaining five percent?…
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